The 2014 album “Chill” is a collection of instrumental songs that I wrote starting in November of 2013.    The idea was, to create content in a more relaxed mood from my usual more upbeat energetic style.    As the project developed, some of the songs did take a more upbeat approach, and had to be slowed down in tempo to remain consistent.   Even so, there are several upbeat tracks that sustained and made it to the final release.    I wanted to have some more abstract funky type rhythms in the project, as a direct inspiration from some of the songs on the classic 1995 release, “Themes from the Elektrik Society”.     When the Chill project was in its very early stages, the album concept was basically, “Themes from the Elektrik Society 2”.     The actual album title came very late in the project, and was directly influenced by an unusual and persistent hard winter season in my home area of Chicago.    So in a sense, this album title serves as a dual meaning.