August 2020:

20-30+ years ago all of my material was produced on hardware instruments/devices recorded to DAT or 2 track analog tape [pre 1990’s]. No DAW multi track computer based production was used at all.

This project was founded to recreate a selection of old songs into productions I only could have imagined, back at the time this material was originally written and produced. The selection of tracks are ones I feel best work well over time all these years later.

The recreations/updates are totally from scratch, not reusing any of the old data/audio. They have now been painstakingly recreated with every note, sequence, instrumentation, then adding new material/technology never before imagined back in the day. The vintage equipment, some of which I still have, is also was used again. Some of these old tracks already have been recreated and released on more recent albums ie: Cyborg in Shadows, Mood of Numbers, Battery, Computer Commuter, etc….But these too, have all been modified and updated again for this new project along with other recreations not yet heard…

The material has been recreated based on songs taken from these older albums: Aluminum Feeling [1995], Themes from the Elektric Society [1995], Dance Option [1996], Music for Driving [1997], Futurelounge [1999]. Also, a few others from old 2 track tape masters back when I was known as, “!Pulss” in the late 1980’s… That material has never originally been released publically other then one thus far, “Stealth” from 1989 released on the 2018 album, “Dark Machine”.

Old=New is available on Bandcamp, and all the major streaming services. Bandcamp link: [click image]

The original versions recently remastered, are available for free only on Bandcamp here: [click image]