Kevin Lux music started during the 1980’s. During this time up until the first formal released album in 1995, I’ve always referred to myself as !Pulss, a different way to spell the word, Pulse.

The style of electronic music back then was very primitive compared to my current production standards.  The genre was mostly a synthpop energetic style.  Most of the music was instrumental, and all was created with hardware only instruments.  In the years since, my music evolved beyond the original idea.  I than decided to just name the production after my real name.  The basic idea remained only using machines/instruments to create the sound.  In the early 2000’s software instruments entered into my production.  The early albums had some older electronic instruments that I’ve since stored away for many years.

This album by design is a project with hints of my past in sound and content.  The old equipment was put back into production along with various newer pieces to this day.  So you will hear hints from older albums, forward to current time. Only hardware machines were used for all sound sources on this project. This project has been great fun for me to create over the past 6 months. Hearing the sounds of some of these old instruments again really was special to me.  Everything is brought forward into my current chosen genre, Electro-Synth-Machine pop.  This album has more vocals then in past releases.