Kevin Lux has been creating his own original style of electronic synthpop/electro/machinepop music for 40 years.  Formal releases began in 1995. The first compositions and recordings began in 1981 under the “!Pulss” moniker. The music production is a mixture of hardware/software technologies.  Each album has a different theme by design.

Kevin Lux is based in Chicago, USA and tends to promote worldwide using the internet as the main tool of promotion.

The music is most influenced by Kraftwerk initially, as back in the late 1970’s/1980’s Kevin was exposed to this kind of music over Detroit radio airwaves.  Over the years, many other artists influenced Kevin’s music including but not limited to: OMD, Front 242, Severed Heads, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Gary Numan, Orbital, and others.